Etruscan origins study reveals migration from Armenian Highlands


Etruscan migration from the Armenian Highland Etruscan migration from the Armenian Highland

Etruria was a region located in present day Central Italy that gave birth to one of the first civilizations in Europe. The origin of the Etruscan civilization is a long-standing subject of debate among scholars from different disciplines. The bulk of the information has been reconstructed from ancient texts and archaeological findings and, in the last few years, through genetic studies. A new study that aims to investigate the biological origins of the Etruscans has revealed a migration event from the Armenian Highlands into Tuscany (Central Italy) at around 850 BCE.

The analysis revealed that people of Tuscany poses a sizable amount of genetic traces from Middle East in particular the Armenian Highlands.

“Admixture analysis indicates the presence of 25–34% of Middle Eastern component in modern Tuscans. …genetic distances point to Eastern Anatolia/Southern Caucasus as the most likely geographic origin of the main Middle Eastern genetic component observed in the…

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