These cafes are turning garbage into culinary gold


Last year the popular British grocery chain Tesco threw away more than 60,000 short tons of food. Think about it: That’s just one chain in a sea of grocery stores discarding perfectly edible leftover ingredients.

Unsurprisingly, some enterprising food entrepreneurs see opportunity here. With increasing popularity, cafes are starting to pop up all over the U.K. that source tossed foodstuffs from various grocery stores, wholesalers, and restaurants before it all heads to a landfill. Think of it as highbrow dumpster diving. Leading the cause is Skipchen, a popular Bristol cafe that serves everything from dressed lobsters with red peppers to ratatouille, all entirely sourced from food waste.

Quartz has the story:

There are now 14 cafés with the same idea in cities like Leeds and London, and up to 80 at various stages of the development process. The umbrella that ties them together is The Real Junk Food Project, a grassroots…

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